Embracing The Future Workplace

By Allison Ballard – Executive Director, Tapdn

Netflix suggests movies and TV shows. Amazon makes purchasing recommendations. Spotify creates “Made for You” playlists. Google Maps stores location settings. Starbucks rewards frequent customers.

Each of these highly personalized, customized experiences makes everyday life easier – and individuals have embraced the convenience offered.

Technology advancements have created a barrier-free and connected world, improving the way we operate and, beyond consumer-driven services, IoT and sensor technology has extended into the workplace of the future.

In the same way phones can offer restaurant recommendations based on location and previous activity, workplace technology can create efficiencies for employees based on their workstyle and personal preferences. By understanding how you prefer to work, sensors and device connectivity can respond without being prompted. Integrated platforms working together provide added convenience and enable workers to make real-time decisions throughout the day, such as finding available parking spots, nearest available resources and assets, or booking flexible workspaces.

Imagine having data to inform decisions about current workplace needs, inefficiencies and liabilities. New technologies, like Tapdn, use workplace sensors to improve the user experience, while helping organizations understand how their two most costly resources, their real estate and their people, interact. Space utilization data derived from occupancy sensors can help businesses manage their built space in a new way, including how existing assets and spaces are being used, so they can then adjust to optimize operations.

Traditionally, the workplace has not taken advantage of the full benefits of IoT and workplace sensors. The adoption of new technologies can be intimidating, but it is essential when creating an environment where the workforce of the future wants to work. This is why it’s important for businesses to partner with trusted service providers who can grow with your business, in ways that will benefit employees and the bottom line.

The reality is that relying on IoT in the workplace is no different than how we use it in our personal lives. Technology has the power to improve every aspect of our lives – no matter where we are or what we’re doing. As sensor based technology, and IoT adoption evolves, we’ll continue to see how customized experiences improve the way we operate in built space.