Smart Buildings and the Evolving Workforce

By Allison Ballard – Executive Director, Tapdn

Remember when the first generation iPhone was released? It’s hard to believe that just a decade ago, this device–with a touch screen and internet access–was the most advanced technology of its kind on the market. Fast forward to 2018 and we’re now at a point where our personal devices are integral parts of our daily routines.

The speed of connectivity, along with cloud and edge processing of sensor-based data, has created a more barrier-free and connected world. Until now, most of these advancements were not experienced in built space. With the new generation of digital natives graduating college and seeking employment, forward-thinking organizations are introducing new technology in the workplace as part of a talent acquisition and retention plan. In doing so, these companies are gleaning insights that are helping them better understand how their workforce wants to accomplish their work and creating overall workplace efficiencies.

CORT partnered with Tango Mobile LLC to launch Tapdn, a new IoT (Internet of Things) platform to revolutionize how people experience built space. Tapdn helps organizations and their employees realize the promise of IoT by harnessing and analyzing real-time data from any sensor and integrating disparate software systems in their facility, creating smart buildings.

The largest cost of doing business is the investment organizations put into its greatest asset, their employees. With an evolving workforce, facility managers are challenged to create environments that are conducive to how their talent wants to interact with the workplace. Workforce engagement is critical, especially because on any given day, employee workspace requirements shift because their workflow is constantly changing.

Enter Centennials

Each year, more and more millennials, and now centennials, are entering the workforce, bringing with them skillsets and workstyle preferences that are rooted in a strong reliance and affinity for technology. With a generation so digitally proficient, businesses are taking notice and adjusting their workplaces to cater to their needs and expectations. As a result, the modern-day office is becoming a smart workplace, and businesses that aren’t evolving their workplace are falling behind.

This responsibility primarily falls on real estate and facility managers to create an environment that will not only attract, but also retain employees, ultimately reducing costs and maximizing productivity along the way. Recent studies indicate that approximately 79 percent of Generation Z employees prefer a better work environment to a higher pay check, making workplace design and accessibility critical. New IoT capabilities in smart buildings allow businesses to create the ideal setting for their employees, using connected devices to streamline operations and allowing their employees to work wonders.

This is where Tapdn comes into play. The platform empowers the enterprise to plan appropriately for their real estate needs based on objective data. Sensors deliver custom data sets for businesses to understand current workplace needs, inefficiencies and liabilities and overall space utilization. These results will give insights into multiple areas of the built space, including which assets are being used, as well as opportunities to create efficiencies within utilities, parking and undedicated, or hot desk spaces. Additionally, the data can demonstrate activity, which departments engage the most and determine the spaces most frequently occupied, helping facility managers to understand where their employees prefer to work.

Technology that Evolves with Your Business

The pace of acceleration will only increase. Technology is constantly evolving, with even more exciting advancements on the horizon. We are not far from workplace technology being personalized and customized using connected devices to respond with individualized preferences – such as lighting and room temperature – without being prompted, even automatically starting computers and briefing employees on their schedule for the day.

As technology evolves, so will workplace trends. With Tapdn, your business can grow with your employees, opening the door to endless possibilities.